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Tactical Carbine Course

This 2-day course will…

Introduce you to the use of the carbine as a personal defense weapon.

  • Tactical Carbine selection and modifications.
    • You will learn how to select the right carbine and what modifications and additions we recommend.
  • Nomenclature, Function, field striping, care and maintenance.
    • You will learn what each component is called and how the weapon functions. You will also learn how to assemble and disassemble, clean and care for your carbine.
    • This class is geared toward the AR-15 but we can train you on any weapons system you wish to use.
  • Loading, unloading and chamber check.
    • You will learn the proper method to load and unload a carbine.
  • Long gun Marksmanship Fundamentals. 
    • You will learn all marksmanship fundamentals that are needed to accurately fire a long gun.
  • Zeroing and ballistics.
    • You will learn to zero your carbine and learn the basic rifle ballistics.
  • Precision Marksmanship and Close Quarters Battle. 
    • You will learn to deploy your carbine effectively at various ranges.
  • Malfunction drills, re-loads, transition to handgun, improvised and basic position shooting and more.
    • You will learn to keep you carbine running with a variety of firing drills.


GOAL: After this course you will have the basic skills needed for safely operating a carbine for defensive purposes.

Cost: $400.00 Round Count: 500 rounds of factory ammunition

Equipment Needed: carbine with sling, 3 magazines, handgun (with handgun magazines) with holster and magazine pouch, and electronic hearing protection recommended.

Note: Classes will go rain or shine, so have appropriate gear for heat, rain or cold weather.


American Made Man
Adventure Weekend

Spend 3 action-filled days learning skills your father should have taught you.

September 16-18, 2016

Register before
June 17 and receive
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* Registration fee $550

Need a Weapon?

A limited amount of handguns are available to rent for courses. The cost is $50.00 per day. All rentals are for onsite use only.

Call 805.748.7176

for more information

Attention Teachers!

If you are a Primary or Secondary school teacher please call us to learn more about discounts on Handgun Courses.

Call 805.748.7176

for more information

Private Group Courses

If you would like to take an established course privately we will conduct the class if you can get together six or more students.

Contact Us for details

Private Customized Training

We will also do customized private training to suit your needs for $ 200.00 per hour (4 hour minimum/ 4 student maximum).

Contact Us for details

Tactical Handgun Course

This intensive 24-hour course is intended for the law enforcement officer/military member who carries a handgun on duty.

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Basic Handgun Course

Now Available! This is an 8-hour course designed for the new shooter. In this course you will learn firearms safety, nomenclature and gun handling.

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