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Training for the real world, or the reel world.

At STR you can expect to receive state of the art training at a reasonable price. We provide a full range of training programs formilitary, law enforcement and self defense. In additon, we provide training and consulting services for televison and film.

Owner, CEO and Lead Instructor John Marrs was full-time law enforcement officer with military (infantry) and S.W.A.T. experience. We provide high quality courses that give personal attention to each student. We pack a lot of information into each course so expect full days with a lot of range time. You can expect to work hard and learn while having a fun. At STR you will learn to fight and win. Our combination of mindset training, gunfighting skills and tactics have a proven track record. We have numerous students who have successfully used a firearm to prevail in a deadly force situation.

If you want to train hard and train smart then come train with STR. We currently do not have courses shceduled so we can provide more flexible service. Private courses can be put together or a course scheduled for you and your friends. A minimum of 6 people is needed to schedule a course. Contact us for details.





If you have access to a suitable range, we will bring training to you. This can save you and your friends the added expense of traveling, gas, hotels etc. To host a class, the facility must have the following:

Be at least 15 yards deep.

Allow shooting on the move and drawing from holsters.

Have an open (not cubicles or tables) firing line.

Have at least 6 shooting lanes/target stands.

Outdoor ranges are much preferred.

Have a classroom area. (A real classroom with electricity and the ability to run power point is preferred, but a couple of benches will do.)


Tuition per student is $200.00 per day.

Class size is no less than 6 and no more than 12.

The host person/agency will get one free slot in the class after the first 6 students have paid.

If interested, call to schedule!

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Need a Weapon?

A limited amount of handguns are available to rent for courses. The cost is $50.00 per day. All rentals are for onsite use only.

Call 805.748.7176

for more information

Attention Teachers!

If you are a Primary or Secondary school teacher please call us to learn more about discounts on Handgun Courses.

Call 805.748.7176

for more information

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming events.

Tactical Handgun Course

This intensive 24-hour course is intended for the law enforcement officer/military member who carries a handgun on duty.

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Basic Handgun Course

Now Available! This is an 8-hour course designed for the new shooter. In this course you will learn firearms safety, nomenclature and gun handling.

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Tel: 805.748.7176
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